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Life insurance, investment, protection
Life insurance as an investment and protection against the death of a person
In some countries merit, experience does not matter as the incompetent dishonest greedy intelligence and security agency officials will falsely claim that a brilliant honest hardworking person is a security threat, if he or she has lived a frugal life to save some money for his or her old age or financial emergency. Non brahmin single women who are not well connected are particularly vulnerable to exploitation, defamation without proof by the shameless greedy dishonest intelligence and security agency officials.
Few are aware of how these dishonest greedy security agency officials will abuse their powers and steal the retirement savings of twenty years of the harmless single woman engineer, if she has invested the amount in bank FDs or postal savings, without a court order or legally valid reason, falsely claiming without proof that it will be misused for terrorist activities. These shameless officials will not have the honesty or courage to openly justify their fraud or face the innocent harmless woman they are defaming, cheating and exploiting.
Instead these fraud intelligence and security agency officials will falsely claim that the source of the funds cannot be determined. If after stealing the money for more than 3 years of stealing and 5 years of defaming the engineer , these incompetent powerful officials are unable to trace the source of the funds, then why do they not ask the obc engineer directly to justify the source of funds. The obc engineer can easily prove to these shameless fraud powerful officials that all her funds are her savings from her salary or from customers who have paid her.
When almost all salaried people in India, investors and professionals have complete control over their hard earned money, why is the obc engineer discriminated against openly, with officials stealing and retaining her hard earned money without a legally valid reason or court order. Some of the most sophisticated equipment in the country was used to terrorize and create an atmosphere of fear, so that the harmless obc engineer would not retrieve her hard earned savings quickly. These cunning officials are now claiming that the savings were given voluntarily.
The single woman engineer was forced to purchase insurance as the powerful officials threatened to hand over her stolen savings to their lazy greedy cheater friends in a major impersonation fraud. The people she spoke to created the impression that she would lose her retirement and other savings which they had stolen if she did not invest a large amount in insurance premiums. The cunning officials who misused the name of the domain investor created further confusion refusing to provide information to force her to make mistakes as she did not have the correct information.
Now it is increasingly becoming apparent that the powerful officials who created the problems and made fake allegations, have no proof at all to support their allegations. However the obc engineer has been forced to purchase insurance policies from a large number of insurance companies as these powerful fraud officials were threatening to freeze her bank account and take away all her savings. Now it has become obvious that the returns from the insurance policies are extremely low compared to other investment options, yet the engineer has been forced to invest her hard earned money in these policies because of the incompetent, careless, greedy dishonest corrupt powerful intelligence and security agency officials.
It is time people are aware of how indian tax payer money is being wasted to cause great pain to small business owners, especially domain investors, Paypal account holders to ruin their health and finances, steal their retirement savings. Any organization which can help end the daily human rights abuses, wastage of tax payer money, can send an email to
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